Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guardians of The Galaxy

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My thoughts before the movie: I think that Guardians of The Galaxy will be really good because Marvel movies usually are.

My thoughts after the movie: That movie was wonderful. The storyline was original and the jokes were hilarious. It wasn't the best Marvel movie, but it was better than most. I loved the way that they developed the character's throughout the movie instead of having character's without development. There was a moment where [spoiler] wouldn't have saved anybody except for him/herself, but later in the movie he/she risks their life to save somebody else and I think that's fantastic character development. I loved that the Guardians didn't start off as friends, but met each other in odd circumstances and started to care for each other throughout the movie. The jokes in this movie weren't just shoved in your face, but rather casually put in the movie here and there so you would notice them, but they didn't take away from the plot. Although I knew that Star-lord was Peter, they didn't really make it clear that it was him right away so my friend that came to the screening with me didn't know it was him until the middle of the movie. I overall really enjoyed Guardians of The Galaxy and will definitely be going to see it again while it's in theaters.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Quotes from Moviegoers: 
"I'm not a big Marvel fan, but I thought the movie was enjoyable. I really recommend for you to go see it in 3D. Groot was definitely my favorite character, he was so nice and adorable." -Brianna D

"I really liked this movie and will definitely go see it again in theaters. I'm really mad that they didn't play the post-credit scene. It was really funny but it had some sad parts."
-Anonymous Moviegoer