Thursday, April 24, 2014


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My thoughts before the movie: I'm honestly really scared to see this movie because I feel like it won't be anything like the book.

My thoughts after the movie: Whoever was in charge of casting deserves an award. Shailene Woodley is the perfect Tris. I was a little nervous about Theo James at first because he seems a bit old to play Four, but he's the perfect Four. Miles Teller is hilarious as Peter. Kate Winslet is such an amazing actress that she made me hate Jeanine even more than I already did. I love how the special effects crew made Chicago look as if there had been a war there and not like the typical futuristic city. Although the movie wasn't 100% accurate, it was pretty close to the book. I see why they left out the things that they did. But, I'm really disappointed that they didn't have the butter knife scene, Uriah, and Dauntless cake in the movie at all. Uriah's name was on the ranking board, but that doesn't explain his character and he is really important in Insurgent and Allegiant. I also didn't like that Tris just shot Will and moved on without any emotion. I hated that, in the movie, they didn't really go in depth with the secondary characters and I think that they should have because friends are an important part of the book. Overall, the movie stayed true to the book. I really enjoyed the movie and will definitely be seeing it again on theaters.

My Three Words: Action-packed, wonderful, and intriguing

My Rating: 4/5

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